How many treatments will I need?

Many conditions show an immediate improvement following acupuncture and become substantially better over time with weekly treatment.

If you are in the top 15% of responders, you are likely to show high improvement rates and can expect significant change in relatively few treatments.

More typically, expect at least one course of treatment (12 sessions).

Chronic conditions and multiple health problems

When the condition is chronic ( Having lasted months or years ) more than one course may be necessary. When multiple health conditions are present, then several courses are likely to be required, as well as support from other health providers.

Different conditions

Some conditions such as muscular pain, arthritis, migraine, mild anxiety and emotional issues respond more quickly to treatment. Others such as nerve/tendon damage or deep emotional trauma can take a lot longer to heal. Acupuncture can be used to manage these conditions effectively while deeper healing takes place.

Frequency of treatment

Generally weekly treatments are recommended; this will be dependant on each individual's condition and your practitioner will advise accordingly. Twice weekly treatment is useful when Pain is the primary symptom, particularly if there is only a short improvement period say 24-48 hours after your first visit. Two treatments per week may also assist in reducing the overall time taken to resolve a condition.

Preventative and maintenance treatments

After experiencing the benefit of acupuncture, many people choose to have a 'tune up' every few weeks or months, in order to maintain health and wellbeing and to prevent disease from developing.