Restorative Qigong

Qigong is one of the oldest health practices in the world. It is deeply relaxing and easier to learn than Tai Chi.

Restorative Qigong is a very gentle form of Qigong practice that facilitates the recovery of health and vitality.

Slow gentle movements are combined with abdominal breathing to create meditative movement, a tranquil mind and strengthen Qi (energy).

Restorative Qigong workshops are held approximately every 6-8 weeks and are suitable for beginners and more experienced students. 

Weekly group classes are available on Monday afternoons, Wednesday mornings and Friday mid-morning. 

How Qigong works

Qigong practice aims to calm the mind and energise the body by facilitating conscious control over the autonomic nervous system and increasing the efficiency of the respiratory system.

When the body is deeply relaxed and the mind peaceful, the considerable healing abilities of the body are fully activated. 

Restorative Qigong is ideal for those feeling exhausted, overwhelmed or stressed by life, battling chronic disease and for those wishing to develop a deeper calmness amid life's busyness.