Restorative Qigong Classes

Face to face classes are important to establish an appropriate foundation in Qigong and allow the student to maximise the health benefits of this practise.

Weekly Hobart Qigong Classes / New Term starting: June

 Start dates 17th, 19th & 21st June 2019


                Mondays 4.30pm-6pm (7 weeks) Full.


                   Wednesdays 9am-10.20am (7 weeks)


                    Fridays 11.30am-1pm (7 weeks)Wait list only .


$140 per term (7 Weeks)

Fees are paid by the term.


At Hobart Traditional Acupuncture Centre

First Floor 71 Liverpool St Hobart 7000

  • Small class size: up to 7 places

  • Classes are suitable for beginners and experienced students

  • Gentle warm up exercises for health and long life

  • Flowing Qigong to relax, energise and increase flexibility

  • Taoist meditation to calm the mind

Restorative Qigong is designed to gently lead you back to health, for those exhausted or stressed by life, and brings benefit to chronic health conditions

  • Wear loose clothing, flat shoes and bring a water bottle


Please text or email to check availability .