Winter Restorative Qigong retreat

Winter Restorative Qigong Mountain Retreat Day

9 July 2016 9am-4pm

Fern Tree Community Centre

$90 per person

In Chinese Medicine the foundation of all good health is Kidney Qi. There is no better time to cultivate Kidney Qi through Qigong than in the middle of winter.

In the winter the inward moving Qi reaches its deepest point and enters the kidneys. All kidney and adrenal restorative practices will have a much greater effect at this time of year.

In this Restorative Qigong Workshop gentle stretching, Taoist mediation and flowing Qigong will be combined with specific techniques to strengthen Kidney Qi and cultivate deep peacefulness and vitality.

  • Wear loose clothes and flat shoes, bring a water bottle and a plate of food to share

  • Morning and afternoon tea provided