Workers Compensation/MAIB*

If you have been injured at work or in an automobile accident you may be able to claim some of the costs of your acupuncture treatment, for those injuries, from a workers compensation insurance fund (WorkCover) or MAIB.

In order to guarantee that you can obtain this funding, you will first need a written referral from your GP, containing the following information:

  • the name, clinic address and AHPRA registration number (see About section) of the therapist to which you have been referred;
  • the requirement for this therapy in relation to the injury/condition;
  • the expected frequency and duration of therapy;
  • the expected outcome/benefit of this modality.

With this referral, you will be able to receive treatment from your therapist.

After treatment, you can then lodge a claim for expenses incurred with Workcover or MAIB.

Please note: 

  • current MAIB policy (April 2016) is to provide acupuncture treatment for approximately six weeks, then reassess the requirement for further treatment, which may require another referral from your doctor;
  • both MAIB and Workers Compensation organisations also set limits to the sessional cost of treatment to be refunded and the overall amount that can be claimed, which may be less then the cost you have paid to receive treatment; 
  • MAIB current recommendations for acupuncture fee rebates are: $35 for 30mins and $70 for 60mins. This MAIB fee rebate policy will be reviewed by MAIB in June2016;  
  • you cannot claim from both a private health fund and from either MAIB or Workers Compensation for the cost of your treatment.

*Motor Accidents Insurance Board